Saturday, 22 March 2008


I couldn’t quite focus on the deadlines I had to meet this afternoon and when the photocopier broke, I wanted to give up. You should have seen the smile on my face when I got your message. The fact I was all alone in the office today made the thoughts even more tempting.

I could imagine how we’d be stuck in the meeting, we’d pass each other those flirting looks and after the meeting, you’d ask me to stay behind. When the doors shut behind the final person you’d push me up against the large oak door. Your hands against it, either side of my shoulders. You’d lean in, your sexy smile spreading cross your face.

I open my mouth about to speak yet you put a finger to my lips. I take your finger in to my mouth, sucking lightly on it. You take it out of my mouth and drag a line down my chest in to my cleavage. As your finger reaches between my breasts you lean in and kiss me, pushing yourself in to me.

The way our lips meet in such passion has me going crazy. You begin unbuttoning my blouse pulling it open to reveal the white lace bra. You step back and take one look at me, up and down my body. Your lips begin to retrace to where your finger was earlier, you plant kisses over my breasts grabbing them through my bra, squeezing them. Your kisses start working their way up my body again, over my neck, right behind my earlobe. I bite my lip teasingly.

As you take my earlobe in to your mouth lightly nibbling you reach your hands behind me and unhook my bra, allowing it to fall to the floor along with my shirt. Once again you’re kisses start working their way down my body. I can feel goose bumps cover my body, not because of the draft in the room, but the excitement you’re causing.

Your fingers running circles around my nipples but not touching them just yet, you place kisses and gentle bites all over me and finally you’d take one of my erect nipples in to your mouth, gently pinching and rubbing the other between your fingers.

I pull your shirt out of your trousers and begin rubbing my hands over your chest, your body deliciously firm, I trail my fingers lower, pulling lightly at your belt. I unbuckle it, and unzip you, reaching my fingers in to the waistband of your boxers, smiling. All I can think about is how much I want your cock, how much I can wait to taste you, run my tongue along the tip before taking you deep in my mouth.

You unzip my skirt letting it fall to the floor, your hand plunging down the back of my thong massaging my ass. You slip one hand around the front, pushing apart my pussy lips just as the hand behind me reaches deeper in to my thong, teasing the opening.

You can’t resist kissing me deeply as you tease me. You push your finger deep inside me from behind as the fingers on your other hand brush at the skin around my clit. As your fingers tease me, I arch my back, biting my lip letting out a soft moan. Your finger flicking against my clit so nicely, it's hard to hold back. I reach my hand in to your boxers and trace my finger around the tip. You're so hard, so big. With my free hand I start unbuttoning your shirt, those daily gym session really have treated you well.

I pull my hand out of your boxers and push them down along with your trousers. There you stand, shirt open, trousers down, your delicious cock standing proud in front of me. The tip glistening with pre-cum.

You push yourself in to my once again, your cock pushing hard against my belly button. You kiss me deeply once again. At the same time, the two fingers, which were holding my pussy lips open, plunge in to me, massaging my g-spot.

You remove your hand from the back of my thong, tracing a fine line over my ass and up my spine making me shiver. Your kisses leave my lips and trace along my jaw line to my ear lobe once more. You nibble lightly and whisper how good I feel against you. Your kisses start making their ay down my body, stopping at my nipples to lick, blow and take them in your mouth. Your kisses start making their way down my chest, my stomach until you reach where you really want to be; on your knees before me.

You pull my thong down as I step out of it. You begin kissing each thigh, relishing the moment before dragging your tongue hard and flat in to me, giving a little flick as your reach my clit. I run my hand through your hair, gasping as your tongue flicks over my clit. I'm biting my lip, holding back the moans, the heavy breathing but I can’t help it, your tongue works me so expertly. You suck my clit in to your mouth and as you do, the words "Ohh fuck yes" fall from my lips.

You can sense how I’m becoming slightly unsteady, you move yourself over to the table, holding my hand to guide me with you. You lay down on it and I join you, straddling over your face your take my clit in to your mouth again, wrapping your arms tightly around my waist so I can't move. You push your face in to me, your nose teasing my opening.

I reach down so we're in the 69 position, licking and teasing the tip of your cock before taking it deep in to my mouth. The moment I do you let out a soft groan, such a sexy groan you have. As I do, you start sucking, flicking your tongue rapidly over my swollen clit. I let out a few soft muffled moans over your cock, my legs shaking slightly.

You push two fingers deep inside me pushing against my g-spot. I can feel myself start to lose control. My body shaking, my breathing heavier and deeper. My pussy starts tightening around your fingers and after my orgasm starts to subside, your start slowly and delicately flicking your tongue over my clit.

And just as I was really getting lost in my thoughts the phone rang, bringing me back to the reality of an empty office and a dozen deadlines. As I answered the phone, I should have known who it would be, it was you...

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

In control

You've really got me where you want me haven't you? You tease me by text and email all day, and just as you know I'm about to crawl in to bed you phone me to really push me to the edge. Well, last night you made an appearance in my dream, starring role in fact.

I sat there on there on your sofa, my face flushed, my body so hot and my pussy just begging to be touched. I was gagging for an orgasm that I’d have done almost anything to get one. There was only one problem. My hands were cuffed behind my back, so I couldn’t touch myself even if I wanted to. As if that wasn’t torture enough at this point, you had porn playing on the plasma TV that you have on the wall opposite to the bed. That wasn't all; you'd placed a vibrator inside my soaking wet thong, pressing hard against my clit driving me completely insane.

You finally entered the room and sat next me. You pushed your hand over the top of my thong, the wetness seeping on to your fingers. On the screen the female was having her pussy kissed, licked and teased; the attention I so desperately craved but still you wouldn’t let me have it. You pulled your hand away and pulled a tiny remote from your pocket. I had no idea what this was for until you pressed a button and suddenly the power of the vibrator against my clit became stronger. I moaned out loud and arched my back. I was so desperate for this.

You leaned closer towards me and started whispering in my ear. Your filthy words leaving me biting my lip in anticipation. Slowly and sensual you began kissing, softly nibbling on my earlobe. I imagined it was my clit between those lips of yours. The thought almost sending me over the edge. Suddenly the vibrations came to a stop.

After releasing my hands from the handcuffs you took my hands and guided them towards the bulge in your pants, unzipping and pulling them down. I licked my lips looking up in to your blue eyes as I took your delicious cock in to my hands.

The moment my lips brushed the tip of your cock you let out a soft groan. I could tell you were as desperate for this in the way I was craving for an orgasm when you teased me. I slowly licked around the tip, opening my mouth taking in the first inch. You weren’t a patient as I thought you would be. You held on to either side of my face, guiding your cock in and out of my mouth. Building up a rhythm I could tell you loved every minute of being in control.

Once again, the vibrations started. I began taking your cock faster, teasing my tongue around the tip. It was obvious that the sudden vibrations were a tease. And the more you teased me, the harder I worked to get what I wanted. Unable to give a verbal answer, I looked up in to your eyes and nodded. With that, you took his cock from my mouth and helped me up off the sofa.

You unhooked my bra and pushed the straps of my shoulder. Slowly you went from kissing my lips to my neck and shoulders. Pushing your hands in to the sides of my knickers, pushing them down, taking away the teasing vibrator. There I stood completely naked. I unbuttoned your shirt, almost ripping the buttons off before taking your hand and guiding you upstairs to the bedroom.

In attempt to make it up the stairs, we could no longer contain the urge. You pushed me against the wall and began kissing me, softly biting on my bottom lip. Our bodies pressed hard against one another, your hard cock pushing against me.

In one swift move, you entered me deeply with ease. A loud gasp escaped my mouth and for a moment I was breathless. It was more than my body could handle, instantly my orgasm hit me, in my dream my vision became hazy and I woke up to my reality. The orgasm wasn't just a dream, I was breathing heavy and my pussy was clenching, my heart racing. After it subsided, I lay there smiling, all I could think was "...whoa!"

Friday, 14 March 2008

Are you ready?

I imagined straddling your face today. Grinding my pussy against it as your tongue flicked over my clit and slid inside me. I imagined how much fun 69 would be, wrapping my lips around your thick hard cock. Your tongue teasing over me, making me begs for you to be inside me. I even imagined how you would rub the tip of your cock up and down my pussy lips, getting my wet juices all over you. I even imagined the way you would bite my neck as you whispered that you were going to fuck me.

You would bend me over the top of the sofa and push your cock deep inside me nice and slowly, drawing out completely to tease me more by pushing just the tip against my opening. You would fuck me with long, slow thrusts as you would reach your hand around and begin playing with my clit. You'd build up the pace and have me begging to be fucked hard.

You would oblige and reach your free hand to my shoulders as you drive your cock deep and hard inside me, your balls slapping hard against me. Your fingers rubbing my clit furiously, my moans almost out of control. I can’t take it anymore and the moment you feel my pussy tighten around you, neither can you. You’ll flood my pussy with your hot sticky cum. You’ll collapse against me and we’ll lay there for a few moments catching our breath back.

Then afterwards, I want you to join me in the shower so we can get nice and clean, so I can play with and suck that delicious cock of yours again. Are you ready?

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Surprise visit

I want to knock on your door late at night, surprise you with my visit. You'll open the door to find me wearing only my favourite high heels and a coat. You'll invite me in and the moment you close that door I'll unbutton my coat, letting it fall to the floor revealing what you've only been able to dream about.

You'll lean in to kiss me but I'll stop you before you even get the chance. Instead, I'll drop to my knees before you and unzip your jeans. All the text messages I'll have sent whilst on my way have certainly got you going. I'll slide your jeans down along with your boxers, your proud cock standing tall in front of me.

I'll look up at you as I circle my tongue around the tip of your cock. Your eyes moving from mine, to watching my mouth expertly working your cock. You'll place your hand on the back of my head, tangled in my hair as you guide yourself further in to my mouth.

Your groans will get louder and deeper, and you'll watch how my hand moves between my legs as I tease my clit. All you can think is how you want to feel my pussy around your cock. You'll stop me for a moment and guide me back up to your height. I'll wrap my arms around you and at last, we'll kiss for the first time. I'll pull your t-shirt off as you step out of your jeans. Your hands will move from my waist to my ass. Grabbing in to it as you pick me up effortlessly and press me up against the wall.

I'll notice the way your cock nudges against me, you'll move back slightly as I guide the tip of it against my wet hole. We'll both watch as you enter me with ease. We've been so desperate for this for so long now that I'll beg you to fuck me hard, fuck me like I've been a real bad girl. You'll push me harder against the wall and start fucking me harder, your balls slamming hard against my pussy.

You'll carry me from against the wall and lay me gently on the dining table. You'll take my legs in to your hands and place them over your shoulders, pulling my hips to the very edge. Whilst holding on to my waist with one hand, you'll start fucking me hard once again. With your free hand you'll start rubbing my clit. My moans will start getting louder and louder. I'll beg you to fuck me harder, begging you not to stop.

You'll feel my body start to shake, my breathing getting heavier, moans getting louder. Your fingers will start rubbing my clit faster, the same speed your fucking me. You can sense it in the tone of my moans that you're sending me over the edge. My whole body will shudder, my pussy clenching your cock. Your groans will get louder too, your cock will throb deep inside me as you shoot your heavy load.

Slowly you'll pull out and demand that I lick you clean. I'll climb off the table and drop to my knees before you once again. I'll want to take my time licking you clean; I'll want to make you hard so you can fuck me over and over again.

Will you let me have this? Will you give my pussy what she so desperately needs?

Monday, 3 March 2008

What you wanted to know

I've never been shy about sex (except during the sex scenes when I'd been watching Sex and The City with my parents). I first watched porn at 14, and I watched it closely for months, not in a sexual way, I was more curious than anything, looking back - it's the best education I could have had.

I lost my virginity when I was 16, yet didn't discover the beauty of an orgasm until I was at least 19. Purely because I didn't know how to get myself off, and neither did the guy I'd been sleeping with.

I'm 5 foot 4 inches tall and I weigh roughly 8 stone 6 pounds. Even though I'm petite, I do like tall guys; I love the fact they can pick me up effortlessly. Some other facts I think you'll appreciate: My bra size is 32c, I wax and I have a pretty tattoo of stars which lead from my hip bone and below...

I don't sleep around and I never have. I've never had a one night stand, although there have been a few occasions where that was supposed to be the case, only after first time we couldn't help but keep at it. I've had sex with six guys in total, and on a very drunk occasion, I fooled around with another girl. I haven't had a threesome but it's something I've been thinking about.

If someone were to ask if which I preferred - giving or receiving oral - I'd have to say giving. I always loved it. I love hearing that soft groan when I first take his cock in to my mouth, watching the expression on his face as he gets more and more in to it, more so I love seeing how happy it makes it when I've swallowed every last drop. And yes, before you think to ask it, I can deep throat - I quite like the fact it almost chokes me.

I have many turn ons; it's all about where you are and whom you're with. Kissing my neck and ear lobe certainly gets me started. Sexually, the biggest turn on is watching a guy play with himself on web cam whilst you tell him everything you'd do. I love it when the camera is angled in the place I'd be sucking his cock. There really is no better image than the expression on a guys face as he's enough to send me over the edge too.

When it comes to sex, doggy style is a clear favourite, I love how he can control how fast and hard he fucks me. I also love being on top, I like having that same control too. Generally I like sex to start of sensually, slow, passionate, gradually becoming a naughty fuck, but then there are times where I just need to be fucked.

I've had anal sex twice in the past but haven't since purely because I'm too tight there and it hurts too much. That doesn't mean I won't in the future, in fact it's something I've been thinking about lately, after all, I love having it teased during sex, helps send me over the edge.

I've had sex in many places, all over the house but the two, which are my favourites, are the time I had sex on the washing machine as it was in mid-cycle, the vibrations had us both going crazy. The other was incredibly risky, luckily it was 2am on a Wednesday night so the chances of anyone being around were slim - it was on a swing in a park playground, I was sat on the swing, he used the seat to move me back and forth, was a nice slow fuck, feeling his deep inside me, then pulling it out completely. That over and over again was such a tease.

I think that's enough facts for now, but if there is anything you'd like to know, feel free to ask...