Sunday, 9 March 2008

Surprise visit

I want to knock on your door late at night, surprise you with my visit. You'll open the door to find me wearing only my favourite high heels and a coat. You'll invite me in and the moment you close that door I'll unbutton my coat, letting it fall to the floor revealing what you've only been able to dream about.

You'll lean in to kiss me but I'll stop you before you even get the chance. Instead, I'll drop to my knees before you and unzip your jeans. All the text messages I'll have sent whilst on my way have certainly got you going. I'll slide your jeans down along with your boxers, your proud cock standing tall in front of me.

I'll look up at you as I circle my tongue around the tip of your cock. Your eyes moving from mine, to watching my mouth expertly working your cock. You'll place your hand on the back of my head, tangled in my hair as you guide yourself further in to my mouth.

Your groans will get louder and deeper, and you'll watch how my hand moves between my legs as I tease my clit. All you can think is how you want to feel my pussy around your cock. You'll stop me for a moment and guide me back up to your height. I'll wrap my arms around you and at last, we'll kiss for the first time. I'll pull your t-shirt off as you step out of your jeans. Your hands will move from my waist to my ass. Grabbing in to it as you pick me up effortlessly and press me up against the wall.

I'll notice the way your cock nudges against me, you'll move back slightly as I guide the tip of it against my wet hole. We'll both watch as you enter me with ease. We've been so desperate for this for so long now that I'll beg you to fuck me hard, fuck me like I've been a real bad girl. You'll push me harder against the wall and start fucking me harder, your balls slamming hard against my pussy.

You'll carry me from against the wall and lay me gently on the dining table. You'll take my legs in to your hands and place them over your shoulders, pulling my hips to the very edge. Whilst holding on to my waist with one hand, you'll start fucking me hard once again. With your free hand you'll start rubbing my clit. My moans will start getting louder and louder. I'll beg you to fuck me harder, begging you not to stop.

You'll feel my body start to shake, my breathing getting heavier, moans getting louder. Your fingers will start rubbing my clit faster, the same speed your fucking me. You can sense it in the tone of my moans that you're sending me over the edge. My whole body will shudder, my pussy clenching your cock. Your groans will get louder too, your cock will throb deep inside me as you shoot your heavy load.

Slowly you'll pull out and demand that I lick you clean. I'll climb off the table and drop to my knees before you once again. I'll want to take my time licking you clean; I'll want to make you hard so you can fuck me over and over again.

Will you let me have this? Will you give my pussy what she so desperately needs?

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