Friday, 14 March 2008

Are you ready?

I imagined straddling your face today. Grinding my pussy against it as your tongue flicked over my clit and slid inside me. I imagined how much fun 69 would be, wrapping my lips around your thick hard cock. Your tongue teasing over me, making me begs for you to be inside me. I even imagined how you would rub the tip of your cock up and down my pussy lips, getting my wet juices all over you. I even imagined the way you would bite my neck as you whispered that you were going to fuck me.

You would bend me over the top of the sofa and push your cock deep inside me nice and slowly, drawing out completely to tease me more by pushing just the tip against my opening. You would fuck me with long, slow thrusts as you would reach your hand around and begin playing with my clit. You'd build up the pace and have me begging to be fucked hard.

You would oblige and reach your free hand to my shoulders as you drive your cock deep and hard inside me, your balls slapping hard against me. Your fingers rubbing my clit furiously, my moans almost out of control. I can’t take it anymore and the moment you feel my pussy tighten around you, neither can you. You’ll flood my pussy with your hot sticky cum. You’ll collapse against me and we’ll lay there for a few moments catching our breath back.

Then afterwards, I want you to join me in the shower so we can get nice and clean, so I can play with and suck that delicious cock of yours again. Are you ready?

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