Tuesday, 18 March 2008

In control

You've really got me where you want me haven't you? You tease me by text and email all day, and just as you know I'm about to crawl in to bed you phone me to really push me to the edge. Well, last night you made an appearance in my dream, starring role in fact.

I sat there on there on your sofa, my face flushed, my body so hot and my pussy just begging to be touched. I was gagging for an orgasm that I’d have done almost anything to get one. There was only one problem. My hands were cuffed behind my back, so I couldn’t touch myself even if I wanted to. As if that wasn’t torture enough at this point, you had porn playing on the plasma TV that you have on the wall opposite to the bed. That wasn't all; you'd placed a vibrator inside my soaking wet thong, pressing hard against my clit driving me completely insane.

You finally entered the room and sat next me. You pushed your hand over the top of my thong, the wetness seeping on to your fingers. On the screen the female was having her pussy kissed, licked and teased; the attention I so desperately craved but still you wouldn’t let me have it. You pulled your hand away and pulled a tiny remote from your pocket. I had no idea what this was for until you pressed a button and suddenly the power of the vibrator against my clit became stronger. I moaned out loud and arched my back. I was so desperate for this.

You leaned closer towards me and started whispering in my ear. Your filthy words leaving me biting my lip in anticipation. Slowly and sensual you began kissing, softly nibbling on my earlobe. I imagined it was my clit between those lips of yours. The thought almost sending me over the edge. Suddenly the vibrations came to a stop.

After releasing my hands from the handcuffs you took my hands and guided them towards the bulge in your pants, unzipping and pulling them down. I licked my lips looking up in to your blue eyes as I took your delicious cock in to my hands.

The moment my lips brushed the tip of your cock you let out a soft groan. I could tell you were as desperate for this in the way I was craving for an orgasm when you teased me. I slowly licked around the tip, opening my mouth taking in the first inch. You weren’t a patient as I thought you would be. You held on to either side of my face, guiding your cock in and out of my mouth. Building up a rhythm I could tell you loved every minute of being in control.

Once again, the vibrations started. I began taking your cock faster, teasing my tongue around the tip. It was obvious that the sudden vibrations were a tease. And the more you teased me, the harder I worked to get what I wanted. Unable to give a verbal answer, I looked up in to your eyes and nodded. With that, you took his cock from my mouth and helped me up off the sofa.

You unhooked my bra and pushed the straps of my shoulder. Slowly you went from kissing my lips to my neck and shoulders. Pushing your hands in to the sides of my knickers, pushing them down, taking away the teasing vibrator. There I stood completely naked. I unbuttoned your shirt, almost ripping the buttons off before taking your hand and guiding you upstairs to the bedroom.

In attempt to make it up the stairs, we could no longer contain the urge. You pushed me against the wall and began kissing me, softly biting on my bottom lip. Our bodies pressed hard against one another, your hard cock pushing against me.

In one swift move, you entered me deeply with ease. A loud gasp escaped my mouth and for a moment I was breathless. It was more than my body could handle, instantly my orgasm hit me, in my dream my vision became hazy and I woke up to my reality. The orgasm wasn't just a dream, I was breathing heavy and my pussy was clenching, my heart racing. After it subsided, I lay there smiling, all I could think was "...whoa!"

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