Saturday, 22 March 2008


I couldn’t quite focus on the deadlines I had to meet this afternoon and when the photocopier broke, I wanted to give up. You should have seen the smile on my face when I got your message. The fact I was all alone in the office today made the thoughts even more tempting.

I could imagine how we’d be stuck in the meeting, we’d pass each other those flirting looks and after the meeting, you’d ask me to stay behind. When the doors shut behind the final person you’d push me up against the large oak door. Your hands against it, either side of my shoulders. You’d lean in, your sexy smile spreading cross your face.

I open my mouth about to speak yet you put a finger to my lips. I take your finger in to my mouth, sucking lightly on it. You take it out of my mouth and drag a line down my chest in to my cleavage. As your finger reaches between my breasts you lean in and kiss me, pushing yourself in to me.

The way our lips meet in such passion has me going crazy. You begin unbuttoning my blouse pulling it open to reveal the white lace bra. You step back and take one look at me, up and down my body. Your lips begin to retrace to where your finger was earlier, you plant kisses over my breasts grabbing them through my bra, squeezing them. Your kisses start working their way up my body again, over my neck, right behind my earlobe. I bite my lip teasingly.

As you take my earlobe in to your mouth lightly nibbling you reach your hands behind me and unhook my bra, allowing it to fall to the floor along with my shirt. Once again you’re kisses start working their way down my body. I can feel goose bumps cover my body, not because of the draft in the room, but the excitement you’re causing.

Your fingers running circles around my nipples but not touching them just yet, you place kisses and gentle bites all over me and finally you’d take one of my erect nipples in to your mouth, gently pinching and rubbing the other between your fingers.

I pull your shirt out of your trousers and begin rubbing my hands over your chest, your body deliciously firm, I trail my fingers lower, pulling lightly at your belt. I unbuckle it, and unzip you, reaching my fingers in to the waistband of your boxers, smiling. All I can think about is how much I want your cock, how much I can wait to taste you, run my tongue along the tip before taking you deep in my mouth.

You unzip my skirt letting it fall to the floor, your hand plunging down the back of my thong massaging my ass. You slip one hand around the front, pushing apart my pussy lips just as the hand behind me reaches deeper in to my thong, teasing the opening.

You can’t resist kissing me deeply as you tease me. You push your finger deep inside me from behind as the fingers on your other hand brush at the skin around my clit. As your fingers tease me, I arch my back, biting my lip letting out a soft moan. Your finger flicking against my clit so nicely, it's hard to hold back. I reach my hand in to your boxers and trace my finger around the tip. You're so hard, so big. With my free hand I start unbuttoning your shirt, those daily gym session really have treated you well.

I pull my hand out of your boxers and push them down along with your trousers. There you stand, shirt open, trousers down, your delicious cock standing proud in front of me. The tip glistening with pre-cum.

You push yourself in to my once again, your cock pushing hard against my belly button. You kiss me deeply once again. At the same time, the two fingers, which were holding my pussy lips open, plunge in to me, massaging my g-spot.

You remove your hand from the back of my thong, tracing a fine line over my ass and up my spine making me shiver. Your kisses leave my lips and trace along my jaw line to my ear lobe once more. You nibble lightly and whisper how good I feel against you. Your kisses start making their ay down my body, stopping at my nipples to lick, blow and take them in your mouth. Your kisses start making their way down my chest, my stomach until you reach where you really want to be; on your knees before me.

You pull my thong down as I step out of it. You begin kissing each thigh, relishing the moment before dragging your tongue hard and flat in to me, giving a little flick as your reach my clit. I run my hand through your hair, gasping as your tongue flicks over my clit. I'm biting my lip, holding back the moans, the heavy breathing but I can’t help it, your tongue works me so expertly. You suck my clit in to your mouth and as you do, the words "Ohh fuck yes" fall from my lips.

You can sense how I’m becoming slightly unsteady, you move yourself over to the table, holding my hand to guide me with you. You lay down on it and I join you, straddling over your face your take my clit in to your mouth again, wrapping your arms tightly around my waist so I can't move. You push your face in to me, your nose teasing my opening.

I reach down so we're in the 69 position, licking and teasing the tip of your cock before taking it deep in to my mouth. The moment I do you let out a soft groan, such a sexy groan you have. As I do, you start sucking, flicking your tongue rapidly over my swollen clit. I let out a few soft muffled moans over your cock, my legs shaking slightly.

You push two fingers deep inside me pushing against my g-spot. I can feel myself start to lose control. My body shaking, my breathing heavier and deeper. My pussy starts tightening around your fingers and after my orgasm starts to subside, your start slowly and delicately flicking your tongue over my clit.

And just as I was really getting lost in my thoughts the phone rang, bringing me back to the reality of an empty office and a dozen deadlines. As I answered the phone, I should have known who it would be, it was you...

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Anonymous said...

nice story, is this really happen or just imagination?